The History of Hill House Farm

Dorking, Surrey

The Farm's History

As early as the 1700s, Hill House Farm, based in the Surrey Hills, an Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty, has been used as agricultural land, probably for the grazing of sheep and cattle.

An Ordnance survey map from 1843 is the first to depict the precise location for Hill House farm, including a house, garden and orchard. A later map from 1871 goes into more detail, showing the partly wooded area and two ponds.

By the early 1900s the farm is unrecognizable from the earlier maps, with the original buildings either demolished or incorporated into new, larger structures, and by 1963 the Ordnance Survey map shows the Farm as a much larger complex made up of at least a dozen structures and very similar to how it stands today.

Hill House Farm Today

The Jones family, the current owners, purchased it in 1998. For a number of years they let the paddocks to tenant farmers. Over time the family developed an interest in rare breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs and this was followed a few years later by Southdown sheep.

Since 2016 the Jones family has been farming the land themselves with an ever-growing herd of pigs and sheep and by 2018 the farm had become a full-time operation for the family. A food production unit was built to enable the preparation of our award winning food products, which are sold locally within a 30 mile radius.

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