Large Vegetable Box
Our vegetable boxes contain a selection of seasonal produce, much of which is grown at Hill House Farm.  Each box contains a large quantity of fresh vegetables, some salads and when is season fresh herbs. The fruit box has fruits...
from £16.85
Grown in spring water from the river Tillingbourne, this versatile peppery leafy green can be used in salads, soups or as a key flavor or ingredient in dishes. Produced by Kingfisher Supreme Watercress of Abinger Hammer. Size : A bunch...
Winter Vegetable Selection Box
This perfect box of veggies will keep you going for a week or more.  Each box contains -  1 head of January King Cabbage 1.5kg of washed English potatoes - perfect for roasting, mashing or why not put them with...
from £9.75
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