Croissant - Butter, Chocolate or Almond
We have a choice of artisan croissants available to buy, including Butter, Chocolate (pain au chocolat) and Almond. Size : 110g
from £1.80
Choose either our homemade plain, fruit or cheese scones, all baked at Chalk Hills Bakery.
Pain aux Raisins
2 delicious pain aux raisins from Chalk Hills Bakery, perfect for breakfast or tea. Size : 120g
6 Chalk Hills Bakery Mince Pies
Each pack contains six fantastic mince pies, freshly made by the team at Chalk Hills Bakery.  The pastry and mincemeat is out of this world and warmed up with a large dollop of Aldhurst Farm cream this will be a...
Cinnamon Bun
These tasty handmade cinnamon buns are great with a cup of tea or coffee, for breakfast or a snack. Portion : 1 bun
Orange & Chocolate Danish
Delicious orange and chocolate danish pastry handmake at Chalk Hills Bakery. Size : 1 pastry, approx 120gAllergens : contains Gluten, Eggs, Milk & Soya
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