Diced Pork
Notes from the kitchen We love using our diced pork to make a warming goulash or a spring casserole and it also works really well for a classic sweet and sour pork. Or why not try our Pork, Sage and...
Lamb Burger, with garlic & rosemary
Delicious lamb burgers.  Notes from the kitchen Perfect to BBQ, grill or fry.  Why not pair with sourdough rolls, greek yoghurt & mint for a refreshing treat from the grill. Pack size : 2 burgers 120g per burgerAllergen advice :...
Boned & Rolled Leg of Pork
Notes from the kitchen This is a larger joint, perfect if you're cooking for a crowd. Season the skin with coarse sea salt, pepper and cold pressed English rapeseed oil. Cook at medium heat and our top tip is to...
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Beef & Red India Ale Pie - pack of 2
New to the store for February 2021, these cracking pies come as a pair.  Made with diced chuck steak from our Native Grass Fed cooked with Red India Ale from our pals at The Dorking Brewery and then carefully encased...
Fillet Steak
Fillet steak from our dry-aged native grass-fed beef. Considered by some as the most premium cut of steak.  Very tender and cooked properly will be like cutting through butter. Notes from the kitchen You could either roast it off quickly...
Beef Stir Fry
Made from prime cuts of our dry-aged native grass-fed beef Notes from the kitchen This versatile cut can be cooked hot and quick in a stir fry or used in a stroganoff. Pack size : 350g (approx)
Leg of Lamb
Boned and rolled leg of lamb, a classic cut for the perfect roast. Hill House Farm lamb is hung for at least seven days to help a fuller flavour to develop. Notes from the kitchen We like to season this classic up with...
Spare Rib Roast
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Spare Rib Roast
Taken from the pork shoulder this rolled joint is the ideal cut for a slow roast, or well-seasoned with a rub, cooked overnight for a perfect pulled pork.  We like ours served in sourdough roll with classic slaw. It also...
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Breast of Lamb
We roll this joint of lamb, then lightly stuff it with herbed lamb mince. Notes from the kitchen Best way to cook this joint is to pot roast with stock and root vegetables, long and slow. We love this served...
Loin of Pork Boned & Rolled
This is your classic pork roasting joint, produced from our very own Gloucester Old Spot pigs and cut from the back to ensure a full pork flavour. Notes from the kitchen Before roasting we rub the skin with plenty of...
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Beef Short Rib
A great slow cooked beef joint.  Notes from the kitchen Best slow cooked, either roasted in the oven or on the BBQ.  Great with wood smoke and spice. Perfect for dinner parties through every season.  Portion size : approx 500g
Rolled Beef Brisket
A classic, versatile, slow cooked beef joint Notes from the kitchen We like smoking this joint long and slow on a the BBQ with wood smoke and spice.  Another great option is a classic pot roast.  Available sizes :  1.5kg,...
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Lambs Liver
Notes from the kitchen An often neglected cut, we think best pan-fried quickly with onions and served with mash, cabbage and lashings of our lamb gravy. Sold frozen, needs to be defrosted prior to use.
Diced Mutton 330g Pack
  Equally at home in a Caribbean or Indian spiced dish or an old fashioned hot pot, our diced mutton will not disappoint when used in any casserole or stew.  Pair with some of our lamb gravy to add further...
Beef Silverside
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Beef Silverside
A versatile roasting joint. Notes from the kitchen This can either be traditionally roasted or pot roasted long and slow using our beef stock for added flavour.  Available sizes : 1.5kg, 2kg & 3kg (approx)
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French Trimmed Loin of Pork
From our herd of Gloucester Old Spots Pigs, this is a cracking cut of pork and if you cook it just right you will have the most outstanding crackling with beautiful moist tender meat.  The French trimmed rack is a...
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Beef Stock
Traditionally made native beef. Notes from the kitchen Perfect for roasts, used as a base ingredient in stews and casseroles. Sold frozen, needs to be defrosted prior to use. Pot size : 250ml
Beef Sirloin
from £37.50
Beef Sirloin
Another classic roasting joint, smaller than a rib and also a little leaner, so cooks a little quicker.  Notes from the kitchen Perfect roasted off quickly in a very hot oven, served with Yorkshire puddings and gravy made using our...
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Beef Sandwich Steak
Steak cut from our dry-aged native grass-fed beef.  Notes from the kitchen This versatile “minute” steak works perfectly for a steak and chips supper, as well as being the ideal filling between two slices of ciabatta.  Marry it with mustard, watercress,...
Rib of Beef
from £50.00
Rib of Beef
Classic beef roasting joint, with the bone left in for fuller flavour.  Notes from the kitchen Perfect for a celebration or just a normal Sunday lunch, served with Yorkshire puddings and gravy made using our beef stock.  If there's any...
from £50.00
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