Italian Stick
A rustic Italian bread stick. Size : 450g
Tremains Organic - Cow's Milk Cheese
Tremains Organic cheese is made at the award winning High Weald Dairy in Horsted Keynes, Sussex. This organic cheddar-style, hard cheese is named after the farm where High Weald make the cheese. It is made as a 4kg wheels and matured...
Ranmore Coffee
Chimney Fire's house espresso blend ground coffee. Ranmore Coffee is named after the location of roastery at Chimney Fire HQ, in the Surrey Hills. This coffee provides the same unique character as its individual components. A deliciously sweet, nutty and chocolately...
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Lemon drizzle cake from Chalk Hills Bakery Size: 5 portions (approx)Allergens : Contains gluten and egg
Surrey Bloomer
600g Only available for local delivery.
Malted Grain Tin Loaf
This malted grain tin loaf from Chalk Hills Bakery is available sliced or unsliced, please select your preference before adding to your basket. Size : 800g
Ginger Cake Loaf
This Chalk Hills Bakery spicy cake loaf will pep up your morning coffee break.  Each ginger cake loaf is sufficient for 10 - 12 slices, or less depending on your appetite!   Allergens : Contains milk, gluten & egg.
Seeded Sourdough
Seeded sourdough is packed with grains and seeds this sourdough is full of fibre and goodness.  We've taken to having a slice or two lightly toasted with soup, but it would be equally at home with pâté or some cured...
Fig & Walnut Sourdough
Fig and Walnut Sourdough from Chalk Hills Bakery Size : 650 gr 
Cinnamon Bun
These tasty handmade cinnamon buns are great with a cup of tea or coffee, for breakfast or a snack. Portion : 1 bun
Handmade Chocolate Brownie
Each Chalk Hill Bakery brownie tray delivered contains 9 - 12 portions for the large brownie or 6 portions for the smaller one, these little trays of happiness contain the most fantastic chocolate brownie's we've ever tasted.  Bursting with rich...
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Beef Stock
Traditionally made native beef. Notes from the kitchen Perfect for roasts, used as a base ingredient in stews and casseroles. Sold frozen, needs to be defrosted prior to use. Pot size : 250ml
Flavoured with Rosemary and Rock Salt, this Focaccia is delivered, freshly baked from Chalk Hills Bakery. Size : 300g
4 Ciabatta Rolls
These beautiful light Ciabatta rolls are perfect for making a minute steak sandwich or fill with slices of our ham for a perfect picnic treat. Each pack contains 4 rolls.
Wholemeal Sourdough
This Wholemeal Sourdough is only available for delivery on Fridays and Saturdays due to production constraints at the bakery. Size: 800g
Cherry & Almond Cake
5 portions (approx) Only available for local delivery.
Orange & Chocolate Danish
Delicious orange and chocolate danish pastry handmake at Chalk Hills Bakery. Size : 1 pastry, approx 120gAllergens : contains Gluten, Eggs, Milk & Soya
Olive Bread
Tasty olive bread Size : 500 gr
Vintage White Cob
This traditional white cob is baked by Chalk Hills Bakery Size : 500g
Onion Gravy
Made with Hill House Farm pork stock, onion and well seasoned Notes from the kitchen Perfect for roasts, with our sausages or served with Toad-in-the-Hole and mash for a perfect mid-week tea! Sold frozen, needs to be defrosted prior to...
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