6 or 12 Free Range Eggs
6 or 12 large free range eggs from Simon's Eggs of Leigh.  These farm fresh eggs have deep rich yellow yolks.  Poach, fry or scramble and pair with some of our collar bacon for the king of all breakfasts!
from £1.60
Farm Fresh Aldhurst Farm Milk - 1 pint
The Dale family have been producing milk at Aldhurst Farm since 1826.  Currently run by John Dale and his wife Paula, they pasteurise and bottle the milk at the farm, which is just over a mile from us at Hill House...
from £2.50
This popular sourdough bread is available in two sizes - small or large, please select before adding to your basket.
from £2.50
Croissant - Butter, Chocolate or Almond
We have a choice of artisan croissants available to buy, including Butter, Chocolate (pain au chocolat) and Almond. Size : 110g
from £1.80
Extra Thick Cream from Aldhurst Farm - 250ml
No scone is complete, no fruit salad correctly topped no carbonara properly finished without a large dollop of Aldhurst Farm Cream. John Dale and his family have been producing milk at Aldhurst Farm since 1826, and with all that practise...
Wholemeal Tin Loaf
This wholemeal loaf of bread is available sliced or unsliced, please select your preferred loaf option before adding to your basket. Size : 800 gr
from £2.25
Sussex Charmer - Cow's Milk Cheese
Made just 11 miles from Hill House Farm, Sussex Charmer cheese is the marriage of two very separate cheese production methods, each one ancient and prestigious in its own right.  SIze: Sold as a 200g block Try our savoury Cheese...
Organic Saint Giles - Cow's Milk Cheese
This organic cow's milk cheese, Saint Giles, is made by the award winning High Weald Dairy from Horsted Keynes in Sussex. Size: Sold as a 150g wedge Organic Saint Giles is a continental-style, semi-soft creamy cheese, similar to the Saint...
Choose either our homemade plain, fruit or cheese scones, all baked at Chalk Hills Bakery.
Brighton Blue - Cow's Milk Cheese 150g wedge
Brighton Blue is yet another cracking cheese from the team at High Weald Dairy,  Size: 150g wedge A mild, semi-soft cheese with a mellow blue flavour and a slightly salty finish. The blue green veins deepen as the cheese matures, and the...
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South Downs Slightly Salted Butter 200g
Slightly salted butter, traditionally churned and hand packed. Size: 200g Can you remember what Butter used to taste like? Step back in time with South Downs butter: made with cream that is specially aged for three days. This 200g roll...
White Tin Loaf
from £2.25
White Tin Loaf
Made by the team at Chalk Hills Bakery in Reigate - this is the classic white loaf, perfect toasted with jam, marmite or honey.  Great for a sandwich, or just cut as a huge wedge to enjoy with a ploughman's...
from £2.25
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Halloumi Organic - Sheep's Milk Cheese
This organic Halloumi cheese is made by the award winning High Weald Dairy of Horsted Keynes, Sussex. Size: Sold as a 150g slice Halloumi is a salty brined “squeaky” cheese, originally from the Mediterranean and traditionally made from sheep milk....
Traditional Ciabatta
A traditional farmhouse ciabatta. Size: 550g
Rye Medium 55% with Sunflower Seeds
This is our favourite bread!  Delightfully light rye bread topped with sunflower seeds.  Perfect as toast with lashings of butter & marmite - if that's your thing.  It also makes a great sandwich too. Size : 650g loaf, Allergens :...
Organic Little Sussex - Sheep's Milk Cheese
This organic sheep's milk cheese is made by the award winning High Weald Dairy, in Horsted Keynes, Sussex. Size: Sold as an 80g button A delicious soft sheep milk cheese with a bloomy white coat. Little Sussex is actually a...
Carrot Cake
This tasty carrot cake is one of our best sellers, ideal for tea with friends and family or just as an indulgent snack. Size: 550gAllergens : Contains gluten, egg & milk
Sister Sarah - Goats Milk Cheese
Sister Sarah goats cheese is made by the award winning High Weald Dairy in Horsted Keynes, Sussex. Size: Sold as a 125g wedge Sister Sarah is a semi-soft goats’ milk cheese. It is matured for just 8-12 weeks. The cheese is very...
Pain aux Raisins
2 delicious pain aux raisins from Chalk Hills Bakery, perfect for breakfast or tea. Size : 120g
6 Sourdough Rolls
Made with a 20% Chalk Hills sourdough starter, these rolls are perfect for our beef or lamb burger, but work equally well for a ham roll or perhaps a slice or two of cold roast beef with a large dab...
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