Lamb Chops
Hung for at least seven days for a fuller flavour, this classic cut, a loin chop, is off the loin of the lamb. Notes from the kitchen You can cook this versatile cut any way you like it, grilled, pan-fried...
Minced Lamb
Made from mincing only the premium cuts of our native Southdown lamb that has been hung for at least seven days to ensure the very best flavours. Notes from the kitchen Our lamb mince is just perfect for making your family's...
Lamb Chump Chops
Hung for at least seven days for a fuller flavour, this classic cut, a chump chop, is off the top of the leg joint of the lamb. Produced from native Southdown sheep raised on the farm. Notes from the kitchen You...
Shoulder of Lamb
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Shoulder of Lamb
Hung for at least seven days for a fuller flavour, our boned and rolled shoulder of lamb is a perfect cut for slow roasting and enjoy for lunch or dinner. Notes from the kitchen We're big fans of outdoor cooking,...
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Whole Neck Fillet of Lamb
Hung for at least seven days for a fuller flavour, this an often unjustifiably overlooked cut  Notes from the kitchen Cooked long and slow every which way, we often marinade ours with Moroccan spices and roast it whole, or dice...
Leg of Lamb
Boned and rolled leg of lamb, a classic cut for the perfect roast. Hill House Farm lamb is hung for at least seven days to help a fuller flavour to develop. Notes from the kitchen We like to season this classic up with...
Hill House Lamb Box
All the lambs are outdoor reared and enjoy a pasture fed diet.  We put one or two lamb boxes on sale each week they are hugely popular and frequently sell out. Our lamb box is perfect for those who want...
Breast of Lamb
We roll this joint of lamb, then lightly stuff it with herbed lamb mince. Notes from the kitchen Best way to cook this joint is to pot roast with stock and root vegetables, long and slow. We love this served...
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Diced Mutton 330g Pack
  Equally at home in a Caribbean or Indian spiced dish or an old fashioned hot pot, our diced mutton will not disappoint when used in any casserole or stew.  Pair with some of our lamb gravy to add further...
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Half Leg of Mutton
  Our mutton is hung for 3 weeks to develop a fuller flavour.  Our butcher Richard has prepared the leg in two perfect halves, ideal for wholesome roast diner but perfect for slow cooking with oodles of root vegetables and...
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Half Shoulder of Mutton
  Packed with flavour the half mutton shoulder is a slow cook sensation.  We place them in the oven with a little of our lamb gravy, shallots, garlic and thyme, at 85c for 10 - 12 hours.  The result is sensational,...
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Rolled Loin of Mutton - 1kg Joint
  Like well aged sirloin of beef the cut is best roasted fast and served pink in the middle.  Our mutton is hung for 3 weeks for a fully and bettered developed flavour, before being skilfully cut and tied by...
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