Pork Loin Steaks
Notes from the kitchen Grilled, pan-fried or cooked on the BBQ, we love the versatility of this classic cut. So easy to cook and perfect served with wholegrain mustard. Pack size : 2 steaks, 350g (approx)
Minced Pork
We mince our pork only from premium cuts of our Gloucester Old Spot meat. Notes from the kitchen Traditionally used to make meatballs but also perfect for a pork lasagne, or a ragu. Weight : 330g
Pork Belly
from £12.50
Pork Belly
Notes from the kitchen Season the skin well with salt and start by cooking it slowly and then with 30 minutes left to go, whack the heat up to crisp-up the skin. We love our roasted pork belly served with...
from £12.50
Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Streaky Bacon
A Hill House Farm pork tenderloin (pork fillet) wrapped in our dry-cured unsmoked streaky bacon. Notes from the kitchen Perfect for a quick and easy dinner, just season with pepper and seared in cold pressed English rapeseed oil, before whacking...
Pork Tenderloin
Produced from our very own Gloucester Old Spot pigs, pork tenderloin is also known as pork fillet. Notes from the kitchen Perfect for a quick and easy dinner, seasoned with lots of salt and pepper and seared in cold pressed...
Diced Pork
Notes from the kitchen We love using our diced pork to make a warming goulash or a spring casserole and it also works really well for a classic sweet and sour pork. Or why not try our Pork, Sage and...
Boned & Rolled Leg of Pork
Our Boned and Rolled Leg of Pork roasting joint is produced from our rare breed, Gloucester Old Spots, reared on our family farm in the Surrey Hills. It's perfect for Sunday roasts. Notes from the kitchen This is a larger...
from £20.00
Spare Rib Roast
from £21.50
Spare Rib Roast
Taken from the pork shoulder this rolled Spare Rib joint is the ideal cut for a slow roast, or well-seasoned with a rub, cooked overnight for a perfect pulled pork.  We like ours served in sourdough roll with classic slaw....
from £21.50
Loin of Pork Boned & Rolled
This Boned and Rolled Loin of Pork is a classic roasting joint, produced from our very own rare breed, Gloucester Old Spot pigs and cut from the back to ensure a full pork flavour. Notes from the kitchen Before roasting...
from £18.00
French Trimmed Loin of Pork
From our herd of Gloucester Old Spots Pigs, French Trimmed Loin of Pork is a cracking cut and if you cook it just right you will have the most outstanding crackling with beautiful moist tender meat.  This pork rack is...
from £23.25
Pork Cheeks
These Pork Cheeks are from our Gloucester Old Spots and are full of flavour. Ideal for slow cooking. Notes from the kitchen The key to cooking pork cheeks well, is to braise them long and slow on a very low...
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