Boned & Rolled Leg of Pork
Our Boned and Rolled Leg of Pork roasting joint is produced from our rare breed, Gloucester Old Spots, reared on our family farm in the Surrey Hills. It's perfect for Sunday roasts. Notes from the kitchen This is a larger...
from £18.65
Lamb Chops
Hill House Lamb Chops are hung for at least seven days for a fuller flavour. This classic cut, a chop, is off the loin of our Southdown lamb. Notes from the kitchen You can cook this versatile cut any way...
Beef Silverside
from £20.50
Beef Silverside
Hill House Farm's Beef Silverside is a versatile roasting joint. Notes from the kitchen This can either be traditionally roasted or pot roasted long and slow using our beef stock for added flavour.  Available sizes : 1.5kg, 2kg & 3kg...
from £20.50
Streaky Bacon - Unsmoked
We dry cure our unsmoked Streaky Bacon cut from pork belly the traditional way, using salts to remove the moisture and intensify the flavour and then we finish it off by air-drying it for two weeks to maximize the taste....
Prime Beef Burgers
Made by hand using diced chuck and short rib, these burgers have the perfect meat to fat ratio.  Each one is made in our own butchery by hand, using Native English Grassfed beef grazed on our farms in the heart...
Ox Liver
Ox Liver
Produced from native british beef. Notes from the kitchen Best pan fried quickly with onions. Serve it up with mash, greens and lashing of gravy made with our beef stock. Sold frozen, needs to be defrosted prior to use.
Sticky Ribs with Honey & Soy
This easy to cook ready meal for two contains Hill House Farm pork ribs gently steamed in our special marinade and served in a honey and soy sauce. Pack size : 500g, serves 2Allergen advice : Contains soy Notes from the...
Ham & Leek Quiche
Made with English leeks, ham from Hill House Farm, pastry from Chalk Hills Bakery, milk from Aldhurst Farm and eggs from Etherley Farm - this is certainly a Surrey Hills quiche! Size : 185g (approx)Allergen advice : Contains sulphates, dairy, egg and...
NEW - Spring Vegetable Box
Our vegetable boxes contain a selection of seasonal English produce, some of which is grown at Hill House Farm.   The fruit box has fruits from our orchard and garden, plus we also supplement with items from Covent Garden depending on...
from £25.50
Farm Fresh Aldhurst Farm Milk - 1 pint
The Dale family have been producing milk at Aldhurst Farm since 1826.  Currently run by John Dale and his wife Paula, they pasteurise and bottle the milk at the farm, which is just over a mile from us at Hill House...
Ancora Pinot Grigio Rosé - Provincia di Pavia, Italy
Lightly tinted Pinot Grigio Rosé with a touch of Pinot Noir from the Pavia region south of Milan. Pale coral pink, this is a dry, fresh and fruity rosé with delicate aromas of red berries.
Surrey XPA (4 Cans)
Extra pale ale from The Dorking Brewery Low bitterness and colour do not mean low flavour when it comes to this extra pale ale. Using a hearty amount of oats for a long-lasting mouthfeel this is the ideal session beer. American...
12 Free Range Eggs
12 large free range eggs from Simon's Eggs of Leigh.  These farm fresh eggs have deep rich yellow yolks.  Poach, fry or scramble and pair with some of our collar bacon for the king of all breakfasts!
This watercress is grown in spring water from the river Tillingbourne, this versatile peppery leafy green can be used in salads, soups or as a key flavor or ingredient in dishes. Produced by Kingfisher Supreme Watercress of Abinger Hammer. Size...
The Stockman's Hamper
The Stockman's Hamper is our delicious variation on the classic ploughman's! This classic hamper is delivered free to your door and contains everything you need for the perfect autumnal lunch for two. This gift hamper is packed with sustainable sourced produce...
Family Selection
Packed with a variety of meats and flavour, our Family Selection box is the perfect solution for weeknight dinners and lazy weekend lunches.  This meat box contains our Gloucester Old Spots rare breed Pork, grass-fed Southdown Lamb and grass-fed English Beef,...
Pulled Pork Slow Cooked in our House Rub for 16 Hours
Made with boned shoulders of Gloucester Old Spot pork from Hill House Farm marinated in our in-house rub and slow-cooked for 16 hours. Serves two. Pack size : 350g, serves 2Allergen advice : Contains mustard Notes from the kitchen This delicious...
Wessex Distiliery Alfred The Great Dry Gin 70cl 41.3% ABV
Wessex is a family- run distillery based in the heart of the Surrey Hills. All our gins are created in their 240- litre copper pot still.  The Alfred the Great Gin has been a firm favourite of Ian's for some...
Rye Medium 55% with Sunflower Seeds
This is our favourite bread!  Delightfully light rye bread topped with sunflower seeds.  Perfect as toast with lashings of butter & marmite - if that's your thing.  It also makes a great sandwich too. Size : 650g loaf, Allergens :...
Royal Earl Grey Tea from The Lawn Tea Company
A quintessential tea blend. The Lawn Earl Grey blend, combines the fragrant citrus of Bergamot with colourful rose petals and cornflowers to make a tea that looks every bit as good as it tastes. We are so exited to have...
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