Croissant - Butter, Chocolate or Almond
We have a choice of artisan croissants available to buy, including Butter, Chocolate (pain au chocolat) and Almond. Size : 110g
from £1.90
Choose either our homemade plain, fruit or cheese scones, all baked at Chalk Hills Bakery.
Pain aux Raisins
2 delicious pain aux raisins from Chalk Hills Bakery, perfect for breakfast or tea. Size : 120g
Carrot Cake
This tasty carrot cake is one of our best sellers, ideal for tea with friends and family or just as an indulgent snack. Size: 550gAllergens : Contains gluten, egg & milk
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Lemon drizzle cake from Chalk Hills Bakery Size: 5 portions (approx)Allergens : Contains gluten and egg
Ginger Cake Loaf
This Chalk Hills Bakery spicy cake loaf will pep up your morning coffee break.  Each ginger cake loaf is sufficient for 10 - 12 slices, or less depending on your appetite!   Allergens : Contains milk, gluten & egg.
Cinnamon Bun
These tasty handmade cinnamon buns are great with a cup of tea or coffee, for breakfast or a snack. Portion : 1 bun
Handmade Chocolate Brownie
Each Chalk Hill Bakery brownie tray delivered contains 9 - 12 portions for the large brownie or 6 portions for the smaller one, these little trays of happiness contain the most fantastic chocolate brownie's we've ever tasted.  Bursting with rich...
from £8.35
Cherry & Almond Cake
5 portions (approx) Only available for local delivery.
Orange & Chocolate Danish
Delicious orange and chocolate danish pastry handmake at Chalk Hills Bakery. Size : 1 pastry, approx 120gAllergens : contains Gluten, Eggs, Milk & Soya
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