BBQ Meat Box
Packed with flavour this BBQ box contains all the meats you need to have some some amazing BBQs, including our pedigree Gloucester Old Spots Pork, grass fed Southdown Lamb and native English Beef grazed on Leith Hill.  Each box contains:...
Beef Brisket
from £21.00
Beef Brisket
Our Beef Brisket is a classic, versatile, slow cooked beef joint.  We can deliver this flat - perfect for slow cooking on the BBQ or smoker or rolled for slow cooking in the pot - the choice is yours! Notes...
from £21.00
Cumberland Sausages
Hand made with Hill House pork mince and traditional Cumberland seasoning in natural hog casing. These 6 sausages contain 90% meat content and each pack is approx. 370g. Notes from the kitchen Perfect to BBQ, oven roast or grill.  They also go...
Prime 100% Beef Burgers
Made by hand using diced chuck and short rib, these burgers have the perfect meat to fat ratio.  Each one is made in our own butchery by hand, using Native English Grassfed beef grazed on our farms in the heart...
from £4.50
Spare Rib Roast
from £21.50
Spare Rib Roast
Taken from the pork shoulder this rolled Spare Rib joint is the ideal cut for a slow roast, or well-seasoned with a rub, cooked overnight for a perfect pulled pork.  We like ours served in sourdough roll with classic slaw....
from £21.50
Lamb Chops
Hill House Lamb Chops are hung for at least seven days for a fuller flavour. This classic cut, a chop, is off the loin of our Southdown lamb. Notes from the kitchen You can cook this versatile cut any way...
Pork Loin Steaks
Notes from the kitchen Grilled, pan-fried or cooked on the BBQ, we love the versatility of this classic cut. So easy to cook and perfect served with wholegrain mustard. Pack size : 2 steaks
Rump Steak
from £6.75
Rump Steak
Rump steak from our dry-aged native grass-fed beef.  This cut is packed full of flavour primarily because it has more marbling in it than a sirloin or fillet. We supply the rump steak in 2 sizes -  Individual - 200g...
from £6.75
Surrey Hills Grass Fed Sirloin Steak
Sirloin Steak from our dry-aged native grass-fed beef, is one of the most popular cuts. This classic steak is well marbled and full of flavour  Notes from the kitchen We think the only way to cook this is on a...
Shoulder of Lamb
from £18.95
Shoulder of Lamb
Hung for at least seven days for a fuller flavour, our Boned and Rolled Shoulder of Lamb is a perfect cut for slow roasting and enjoy for lunch or dinner. Approx size : 1.5-1.7kg Whole, 800 - 850g Half (approx)...
from £18.95
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Rib-Eye Steak
Rib-eye steak from our dry-aged native grass-fed beef.  This is cut from the fore rib of the cow and is a larger cut of steak.  Plenty of marbling adding to its great flavour.  Notes from the kitchen We think the...
Burger & Hot Dog Box
Our burger-hotdog box contains everything you need for a quick and simple BBQ, combining the best sausages and burgers, made with outdoor reared pork and beef from our farms, coupled with artisan sourdough rolls made bespoke for our burgers and sausages...
Beef Sandwich Steak
Tasty minute Steaks cut from our dry-aged native grass-fed beef.  Notes from the kitchen This versatile “minute” steak works perfectly for a steak and chips supper, as well as being the ideal filling between two slices of ciabatta.  Marry it with...
Bacon & Sausage Breakfast Patties
Made with our dry cured bacon and pork mince these are a fantastic little breakfast treat, similar but much nicer than those served by a certain famous fast food chain.   Pack size : 2 burgers 170g per burgerAllergen Advice : Contains...
from £4.95
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3kg Wildwood Sustainable Lumpwood Charcoal
Wildwood Charcoal is made by coppice worker Rosie and her tree surgery partner Phil, this sustainable charcoal is made using coppiced wood, tree surgery waste and local forestry thinnings. The charcoal is made using a retort as opposed to the traditional...
Hill House Steak Selection Box
  You asked and we have provided - launching January 2022 - our steak selection box!  This box contains 6 steaks with a total weight of circa 2.5kg.  The box contains -  2 of our 200g sirloin steaks - a...
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The Cowboy Steak
This has to be one of our favourites, taken from the rib, with the bone on these chunky 750g steaks are perfect to grill, slice and share! With outstanding marbling through the steak this one is packed full of flavour. ...
Grass Fed Lamb Merguez Burger
With North African Spices flavours of  paprika, cayenne pepper and sumac these lamb burgers are a new favourite with our team and several of our restaurant customers too.  Couple with a slaw or for cooling flavours a minted yoghurt. Notes...
from £5.00
Bruce's Mixed Grill
Inspired by Bruce who works with us in the butchery and food unit, we are excited to present our new mixed grill.  With a wide selection of items this could be the perfect sharing platter for 4 to 6 guests or...
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