Pot Roasted Lamb Breast

A slow cooked lamb breast is a wonderful autumnal treat.  The lamb breast or belly is not the first cut that springs to mind when you think lamb but its lowly reputation is very much misplaced.

We roll ours with a little lamb mince, stuffing and herbs.  Presented this way they are a perfect pot roast.  I recommend using some of our lamb gravy as stock for the cook and pair with with a brace or two of root vegetables from one of our vegetable boxes.  Additionally a decent quantity of garlic and hard herbs will add flavour, I choose thyme but equally good would be rosemary.

Sauté off the diced vegetables until they begin to soften, before adding the lamb gravy and herbs, place the lamb breast on the top and cover over with a lid.  Place in the oven at 130c, then retreat for 3 hours to light the fire, pour a glass of red wine and relax.

Pot roasted lamb breast

Once cooked remove from the oven, place the lamb onto a plate, and wrap with food wrap to rest.  Strain the remaining cooking liquor and separate off any fat from the top, then simply carve the lamb breast into thick slices, serve with the vegetables and a splash of the cooking liquor.  Once eaten, retire to that warming fire and leave the dishes until tomorrow!

To make a really hearty dish add pearl barley to the pot roast as it goes into the oven.

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