Perfect Pulled Pork

 One of my favourite dishes to eat using our pork is pulled pork.  Pork shoulder, rubbed with spices and cooked slowly for 8 hours, it is such a simple dish to do and it is a huge hit in our house but works well prepared in advance to use on camping trips and picnics too.

We’ve just launched our pulled pork rub as a new product in the store, combined with the pork shoulder, sourdough rolls and a little of the Defaulter’s Lager you are assured of a hit.

To start with un-tie the joint and remove the skin with a sharp knife, lay the whole joint out flat in a large ovenproof tray.  Empty the sachet of rub onto the pork and rub in thoroughly making sure you get it into every surface of the meat. Using one bottle of the Defaulter’s Lager from Dorking brewery, tip this into the tray, making a little moat round the rubbed pork joint.

Place a piece of greaseproof paper on top of the joint, then cover over the tray with tin foil.  Place the covered tray into an oven at 100c for 8 hours.

After 8 hours remove the pork from the oven, be careful as the tray will be reasonably full of liquid.  Remove the foil and greaseproof paper, then carefully remove the pork and place in another dish. 

Tip the cooking liquor into a clear heatproof jug, the liquid will separate into fat and cooking liquor, remove the fat and discard.  Meanwhile take two dinner forks and gently use to pull the pork into morsels, mix in some of the cooking liquor to add further moisture.  Cover with food wrap until you are ready to serve.

We serve ours with a simple slaw of, red cabbage, red onion and carrot, with a little sweet chilli sauce and a dab of mayo to bind it.  Placed in a Chalk Hills Sourdough roll washed down with a can of Dorking Brewery XPA.



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