Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

This herb encrusted rack of lamb is just perfect for summer entertaining. And if you are a short on time or don't want to make the gnocchi, simply buy it ready made (we won't tell!)

Serves: approx 4 people


2x Grass-fed Rack of Lamb

For the Herb Crust
Fresh Parsley, 1 small bunch
Fresh Thyme, 4 sprigs
Garlic, 1 fat clove
80g Stale Bread, broken up
1 tsp Lemon Zest
3 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt & Black pepper

4-6 tbsp Dijon mustard

For the Gnocchi
750g Potatoes, washed and skin on
4 Frozen Spinach nuggets, defrosted and water squeezed out
1 Egg Yolk – 1
50g Parmesan Cheese, finely grated
100g 00 Flour, plus extra for dusting

Tomatoes on the vine, 4 bunches


Preheat the oven to 200oC/180oC fan/gas 6.

For the gnocchi

  1. Place the potatoes in a microwave and cook until soft. Remove and scrape the flesh into a bowl, push the potatoes through a ricer, set aside.

  2. Place the spinach, egg and parmesan into a food processor, whizz together, tip it into a bowl add in the flour and potatoes and bring it all together, knead lightly until just smooth.

  3. Roll pieces of the dough to 1.5 cm thick and cut out 2 cm lengths, press a floured fork into each piece and place onto a floured baking tray. Set aside.

For the rack of lamb

  1. Bring the racks of lamb up to room temperature. Heat some oil in an oven proof sauté pan, season the lamb then place into the pan, sear the lamb all over until golden, paying particular attention to the fat on the back of the rack. Remove from the pan and leave to cool.

  2. Put all the ingredients for the crumb into a food processor, whizz up and set aside.

  3. Brush the racks of lamb liberally with the Dijon mustard, then cover with the herby crumb by pressing it down, covering the top and sides.

  4. Place the vine tomatoes onto an oven tray, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt & pepper.

  5.  Drizzle the lamb with a touch more olive oil and return them to the pan, roast in the oven alongside the tomatoes for 25* minutes, remove from the oven, cover and leave them to rest.

  6.  While the lamb is resting, boil a large pan of water add in 2 tbsp salt, carefully tip the gnocchi into the pan of water, when the gnocchi float they are ready ( you may need to do this in batches).

  7.  Meanwhile, place the sauté pan back on a medium heat, pour the resting juices into the pan add in a knob of butter and transfer the gnocchi to the pan, covering them with the butter.

  8.  Slice the racks and serve on top of gnocchi and a vine of the roasted tomatoes.


* if using a temperature probe, the roast should reach an internal temperature of between 55-58oC

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