• Pot Roasted Lamb Breast

    Pot Roasted Lamb Breast

    A warming pot roast of lamb breast is a perfect slow cooked simple supper.  Use produce from our lamb box and lamb gravy to create this outstanding slow cooked supper.
  • Oak, salt & lamb - a smoking combination

    Oak, salt & lamb - a smoking combination

    Oak, salt & lamb - a delightfully simple combination for making the perfect smoked lamb supper.
  • Give peas a chance...

    Give peas a chance...

    With crops around the country ready to harvest, the joy of podding and enjoying the fantastic fresh flavours, which are only available for a few weeks each year, this week marks British Pea Week.  To celebrate I have taken a twist on my old favourite and married it with some of our new season’s Southdown lamb chump chops.  It is a simple quick meal...
  • Perfect Pulled Pork

    Perfect Pulled Pork

    How to make the perfect pulled pork Hill House Farm style!
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