Who doesn't like Christmas pudding?

I have a confession, until my sons were born I didn’t eat Christmas pudding.  I really like it now, but for all my childhood and much of adulthood I was under the influence of my Grandpa once again when it came to the traditional dessert of choice on Christmas day.

My Grandpa refused to eat Christmas pudding, instead every year my long suffering mum would make a large bowl of profiteroles with chocolate sauce and cream.  I latched onto this and concluded I too did not like Christmas pudding and therefore qualified for the profiteroles!  Only later in life in the absence of any choux pastry based dessert did I miraculously discover I enjoyed Christmas pud!

Jones Family Christmas 80's style

There were other Christmas food nuances, my Grandpa was in his words “allergic” to all vegetables other than frozen peas.  Yet pass him a bowl of turkey soup on 28th December – heavily laced with left over vegetables of all descriptions and he loved it.  Skip forward a few generations and my own son has a similar vegetable “allergy” which only enables him to eat tinned sweetcorn.  Yet miraculously wrap pieces of cold turkey, sausage meat and loads of left over veg in pastry and call it a boxing day pasty and bingo the crumbly buttery pastry acts as some sort of force field fending off the usual “allergic” reaction!

On Christmas Eve we would have a boiled gammon, parsley sauce, boiled potatoes and cauliflower cheese, much needed sustenance for the bevvy of relatives that had travelled down for Christmas.  Although not the most colourful dinner it’s still one of my favourites to this day.  Incredibly for my son a rich cheese sauce on cauliflower has similar force field properties to those of pastry!

I’m no Nostradamus, but I strongly suspect Christmas is going to be a little different for many of us this year.  However if like me food is your thing then don’t miss out in 2020.  Buy smaller joints, perhaps have us joint your turkey for you, so you can have multiple celebrations meals with one bird or even just go all out buy a big bird and then come up with ever more innovative ways to use up your turkey!  What ever happens I’ve saved myself a Christmas Pud – I’m certainly not having profiteroles this year!

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