The Truth about The Hambulance

If you’re waiting for the arrival of our new manure powered fridge vans you may be in for a long wait, Sika Paska means pig poo in Finnish and while Anio is one of the most popular Christian names in Finland Hölynpöly actually means nonsense!

There is however a more serious side to our April fools gag.  We’re in the process of purchasing a new refrigerated van.  We’d thought at the very least we could have a hybrid electric, and perhaps even a full plug in electric van to charge off our solar panels.  Alas no, while there’s a growing choice in the ambient van market for those seeking to lower their emissions the same cannot be said for the refrigerated market, the current choices being very low mileage, low payload electric refrigerated vans or a Cat 6 Euro Diesel. 

You don’t have to be a Finnish engineering firm, or even create a van powered by pig poo, but we would urge the van manufactures to look seriously at how they can support food producers, suppliers and distributors with practical refrigerated electric or hybrid vehicles to help us with a more sustainable method of transport for our food items.

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