Milk - like it used to be!

As a youngster I used to stay with my Grandparents frequently in South Wales.  Each day two pints of fresh milk would be delivered to the house in the early hours of the morning by a chap my Grandfather mockingly referred to as bungalow!

Two things stick firmly in my memory, firstly until Grandpa acquired a little milk box, the blue tits would peck at the foil lids and pinch some of the cream.  But perhaps most of all if you were the first one to have the pint your reward was a healthy splash of the most divine cream all over your cereal.  They don't make it like that any more, or do they?

Last year we started working with John & Paula Dale from Aldhurst Farm.  John's family have been dairy farmers there since 1826.  Initially once they were licensed we took raw milk from them to make our quiche.  The results were fantastic rich creamy custard in our quiche, which has received high praise indeed.

Alas our friends in Whitehall will only allow raw milk sales from the farm gate, so soon after John & Paula acquired a pasteuriser and a separator.  The resulting pasteurised milk and cream is a triumph and it can be sold beyond the farm gate!  The silver top brings back fond memories of my childhood trips to Wales, delicious milk with that creamy top - perfect for my mid morning breakfast cereal!  The cream is fantastic too, super thick it is wonderful for cooking, but perhaps best of all atop of a scone with a healthy dollop of jam!

On that fateful evening of 18th March, when we learned all the pubs, hotels & restaurants would close I texted Paula to see if we could distribute their milk, along with our initial home meat deliveries.  Seven months on and we have delivered over 1,500 pints to 100's of homes.  We've sent the cream mail order all over the UK with our Farmhouse afternoon tea, which always gets outstanding feedback.

The Dale's milk round has also grown considerably with 100's of homes across the area getting a delivery from John, Paula or one of their team once or twice each week.  This weekend we were extremely grateful, they've distributed an offer to their customers on our behalf, using some very neat little bottle hangers.

So if you're nostalgic like me, and you hanker after how things used to be, then I strongly advise a splash of Aldhurst Farm Milk on your cereal - just make sure you get the first pour!

Aldhurst Farm offer

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