Hill House Farm - Our Revolutionary New Delivery Vehicle

Hill House Farm is delighted to announce the arrival of its new, cutting edge, refrigerated van, which is powered solely on manure.  The unique design of the Finnish engineered vehicle runs on pelletized pig manure, a natural biproduct of farming and a much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Designed by Finnish firm Sika Paska, the van makes use of the large quantity of manure produced by Hill House Farm’s herd of Gloucester Old Spots pigs.  The manure is air dried, then mixed with used cooking oil left from the production of pork scratchings at the farm, dried and the mix is then pelletized.

A single 150kg load of pellets will power the van for a 300km trip, more than enough to complete a day’s round of deliveries for the Farm’s growing food business.  Lead engineer from Sika Paska, Anio Hölynpöly, explained how the new engine works: “In essence, it’s a very efficient super-heated steam engine, the unique combination of the pig manure and cooking oil provides a highly combustible pellet which rapidly heats the water, which provides steam to power the engine.  The water is held in what was the fuel tank, and the pellets sit in a hopper under the front seats.  It’s a highly efficient design, which will drastically reduce emissions.”

Sika Paska - Fridge Van Design

Hill House Farm is the first ‘farm to fork’ producer in the UK to adopt this technology, but it is thought many will follow this unique and more environmentally friendly method of fuelling delivery vehicles utilising manure to power deliveries. 

Ian Jones from Hill House Farm is delighted to be launching this new vehicle: “Our pigs produce a great deal of manure, much of which is used to fertilise our fields.  However, using the manure to power the van means that it’s not only better for the environment, as it will reduce of GHG emissions, but it will also greatly reduce our fuel bills, by turning one pig’s waste into another man’s asset.  We are also excited about the M.A.D. (manure ash dispersal) system Anio and his team have developed.  Using laser technology, the on-board system can detect when the van is passing grass verges, it opens a valve in the exhaust system and spreads the ash from the spent manure onto the grass.  Early trials have found it highly effective for fertilising grass and wild verge side flowers.”

 The Hambulance

Dubbed the Hambulance Hill House Farm hope to start pig powering their refrigerated vans later on this spring making the first poo-powered deliveries of ‘farm to fork’ pork, beef and lamb by May this year.

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