2020 - Our top 5...

Almost all our Christmas day turkey is gone, although I do have a little leg meat left which I plan to turn into spring rolls for New Years Eve.  We’re enjoying the little rest and our boarder terrier Ace is loving the long walks we have had this past few days.

Ace the Boarder Terrier 

One of our favourite time killers is a game of top five; the boys and I love it, top five cars, breakfasts, sandwiches, films – you name it we’ve listed it.  So I thought I would have a go at my Hill House Farm top five of 2020.  So in no particular order;

The Jones Brothers

Food; food surely has to be a winner in 2020, with time on our hands, confined to barracks many of us have taken to cooking more and preparing great locally sourced food than ever before.  We’ve loved the pictures, messages, comments and calls we get from you all with your feedback and latest culinary creations.  It’s been one of the great joys of 2020, so please keep them coming in 2021. 

Team; I used to love the A-Team as a child, Hannibal, BA, Face, Murdoch and the occasional appearance of Amy.  I’m certainly no George Peppard, but it’s been incredible to work with such a focused and dedicated group.  A bit like the A-Team we all have our own skill sets, drivers, stockmen, butchers, chefs, book keepers, horticulturalists, web developers, catering assistants, all very different roles but pulled together and they come to make something awesome happen – just like at the end of an A-Team episode.  Except with our team its week in week out 7 days a week not just an 8 episode series.

Team Hill House Farm

You; when I worked in restaurants “regulars” were one of my great pleasures.  At several of the places where I worked we built up a great following and it was a joy to welcome guests back to the restaurant again and again.  Leaving the restaurant trade I didn’t expect to have that experience again.  How wrong I was.  Our customers, our regulars, have been a delight to deliver to.  We have made some great new friends and chatting on the doorstep as we deliver has been a wonderful yet simple pleasure in 2020.

Partners; it started with two simple text messages on 18th March to our friends at Aldhurst Farm and Chalk Hills Bakery.  “Would it be OK for us to deliver your milk and bread along with our meats?”  It’s certainly snowballed from there, now we are working with almost 30 other producers.  What’s really wonderful is that they are all as passionate about great food and drink as we are.  We’ll continue to add to the great selection of food and drink in 2021 and we hope you continue to enjoy them as much as we do.

Chalk Hills Bakery, Aldhurst Farm & Hill House Farm with the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey

Family; we’re not 5th generation farmers, but we are hugely passionate about our farm, the food we produce and the countryside that we manage.  Many farms in the UK, ours included, run on huge quantities of good will, hard work and sleepless nights from family members.  Ours is no exception.  All of us have had a part to play in our 2020 story – we could write a book with the tales of this year and perhaps we will one day.  Mum, Dad, Anna, Sarah, Dylan & Evan – thank you all for your love, support, time effort and hard work this year x.

Jones family cooking sausages for the NHS

So that’s my top five, I hope you approve, but I would love to hear what your Hill House Farm top 5 is, please do let us know.

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