• Who doesn't like Christmas pudding?

    Who doesn't like Christmas pudding?

    Fussy eaters, secret vegetables and Christmas food traditions, our blog takes a whistle stop look at them all and leaves Ian wondering why he waited so long to try Christmas pudding!
  • The pop man...

    The pop man...

    Misspent summers with my Grandfather have left me with a sweet tooth and a lifelong love of fizzy drinks.  Trips to "the pop man," trading empty bottles for 10p a time made me reminisce.  With some exciting new products in our store after 40 years or more have I finally achieved a childhood dream and become the pop man myself!
  • Episode Two of the Hill House Farm Cast

    Episode Two of the Hill House Farm Cast

    Join Ian in conversation with Chris and Rosie Robinson, owners of the award winning Chalk Hills Bakery.
  • On the market!

    On the market!

    "Do you have a shop we can visit?"  I get asked this an awful lot, we'd love a shop at the farm, but it's a question of space, resource and that old devil planning permission!  Alas as well as an online store we have the next best thing though a pop up shop... Farmers markets are a key element of our activity at Hill...
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